20 February 2011

chip off the old block

a photo from a few weeks back shows the little girl's form with a camera, taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. due to this stomach bug, i have this weekend avoided contact with the little girl and her mother. i'm missing them both.

in preschool, they have been teaching french. counting. names of animals. that sort of thing. when we talk tonight, via skype, i ask the little girl about it and she obliges me by counting to dix. but when i press her for other french terms, she is done performing. and she tells me to arrĂȘte.  so i quickly change the subject, if only to make the call - and the fun - last a little longer. 


Nora said...

I can tell that you very much enjoy your little granddaughter. I like it when you write about her. She seems to be a smart little thing. A chip of the old block?

Linda Chapman said...

Precious photo! And an equally precious relationship! Glad you are feeling better! Don't you just love Skype??

susan t. landry said...

love this photograph, chris. i know how respectful you are of your family's privacy, and this picture works so well because we know *exactly* what your sweet little girl is like, and yet we could not/would not pick her out of a crowd. that impish smile...gorgeous.
i hope youre feeling better?