05 February 2011


it's snowing again, big fat heavy flakes.
mounting fast.
almost to my windowsills. 


Jenner said...

I hear you, it's been blizzarding every day here for weeks. Stay warm!

Nora said...

That sounds like a lot of snow to deal with. Who will dig you out?

chris said...

Nora, the snow is being "blown" as i write this. but only on walking and driving places. the snow outside the windows stays. it's good insulation for this old house!

amybradley said...

This is almost always the case here to with us, so odd this years weather. No snow at all for days now just sunshine, everybody is having Spring fever big time, well that is exactly what the weather is acting like. Snow has melted everywhere even from the Mountains. Well, as soon as I write this it's bound to start snowing again, so better enjoy right!