05 June 2009


i am not a fan of irises unless they are the type with the gigantic flower heads that look substantial enough to actually be a flower. these smaller ones are what i have - and, although the colors here are drab and the flower is less than spectacular - this particular iris is my favorite. i like them because they came with the house, growing wild amongst the sedum and maple seedlings and hostas of an aged garden. transplanted closer to the house, i can now see them when they bloom - in all their nondescript beauty.


Cherie/Miss Blessing said...

Our house came with old perennial gardens too, ones that hadn't been cared for in years but were locally famous in their time. We are (after 10 years) finally getting some of them under control. She actually had planned them so something new blooms as the season progresses. I don't care for irises so much either, but the ones she had are really showy and amazing. I'll snap a picture or two to show you next time I walk by them.

chris said...

and if you're ever dividing any, think of me! i could use a little showy and amazing at my house!

susan t. landry said...

i love the tiny ones. when i had a garden in massachusetts, i had dozens of small white ones, which bloomed en masse, and looked like the 1000 white origami cranes that the Japanese make, to commemorate the deaths at Hiroshima.
(and on that cheery note...)