27 June 2009


on the kitchen windowsill, chamomile and curly mint, with orange mint and peppermint just beyond in the window box outside. finally the herbs are all planted, a good six weeks later than usual. to encourage growth, the leggy tops of the dill were cut back, then the cuttings were used to make dill butter. it will be wonderful this summer on potatoes and corn.


joanna said...

that's so beautiful! my herbs are not going to make it i'm afraid. that Levante (the wind off the Sahara) just about did everything in with the exception of the geraniums. :-(

maryv said...

I put some fresh, chopped cilantro into a Mexican Orzo and Bean salad today to take to a birthday party. YUMMMMM! Nothing like fresh herbs -so sorry you had to break down and make dilly butter...what a shame!

chris said...

it's okay - the butter freezes well! sometimes i make it at the end of the summer and freeze it so we have it right through fall. yum is right!