28 May 2009

kindle envy

tonight i was online investigating audiobooks for children when, at the amazon site, i again read about kindles. i have looked at these and wondered about them - how it would feel in the hand, what a page would look like, how cool it would it be to try one of these, should i consider buying one? i had been rolling these kindle notions around in my head when, wonder of wonders, i got an email from a contact saying she had just purchased one! not unlike the free samples i try at her house, now i'll be able to try out her kindle. see? life is indeed serendipitous.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it almost seems to good to be true. it's expensive but you can buy books for much less. unfortunately though, it's not something i can use over here. let me know what you think about it though. the new one they unveiled a couple of weeks ago seemed like a very good idea to me. joanna