23 September 2008


this boggy spot by the side of the road is where i glimpsed this morning, with my peripheral vision, a great blue heron standing in the mist in the shallow water. alas it was too late to turn the car around and, by the time i came back later in the day, the mist was, of course, long gone, taking the great blue with it.

21 September 2008

to the orchard

off to the apple orchard this fine late summer day where there were plenty of opportunities for photos in great light, like these pumpkins in an old mail wagon.

16 September 2008

tuesdays with money

a while back i hit a landmark birthday - a big one. i'm ashamed to admit i was pretty depressed by it. so in an effort to curb this feeling, i've taken to seeking out the positive aspects that accompany this decline in years. and here's an ongoing one: tuesday is senior day at the drugstore. so i make my list and only shop there on tuesdays. i make sure the twenty-something behind the counter scans my key ring fob. and see the savings? since i started tallying it, i've gotten discounts amounting to around $14. maybe i'll save up for a unicycle.

14 September 2008

early darkness

it seems far too soon, but day by day we're drawing closer to the equinox, that time of equal hours of light and dark. candles burn earlier these nights like this windowsill light, lit after the supper dishes were done and casting its glow on the overgrown summer impatiens in the window box beyond.

13 September 2008


"a good ripe tomato stands out in the garden like a flag."
-edie clark, the view from mary's farm.

11 September 2008

september corn

every time i stop at the local farm stand for the evening's produce, there's another sign of fall there. pumpkins one day, mums the next, squash, asters. and a dwindling supply of corn.

07 September 2008

sunset silhouette

one last summertime hurrah this weekend at the ocean with the girl and the baby girl, who appears to love sand and rocks and ocean walks just as much as i do

04 September 2008

crayola moon

this evening i had my students do a quick drawing to support a math concept. in an attempt to model risk-taking behaviors, i drew too. the sky object i chose to draw was a crescent moon - but we were sharing crayons and the yellow was clear across the room. i settled for the orange, muttering - an orange crescent moon, an unlikely sight. so imagine my delight when, driving home in the dark, i saw the same crescent hanging in the western sky in all its orange glory. i scrambled for the camera but could not capture the moon. so, for the purposes of this posting, you'll have to be satisfied with the image of its crayola counterpart.

02 September 2008

the evolution of baby shoes

in the foreground, the dainty soft soled, leather tie shoe that belonged to the girl when she was tiny. behind it, the baby girl's first serious footwear. two toned and sturdy, with thick soles imprinted with words - run, smile, jump, dance! a rough and tumble shoe, fastened with the velcro that the baby girl loves to rip open and close over and over and over again.