04 September 2008

crayola moon

this evening i had my students do a quick drawing to support a math concept. in an attempt to model risk-taking behaviors, i drew too. the sky object i chose to draw was a crescent moon - but we were sharing crayons and the yellow was clear across the room. i settled for the orange, muttering - an orange crescent moon, an unlikely sight. so imagine my delight when, driving home in the dark, i saw the same crescent hanging in the western sky in all its orange glory. i scrambled for the camera but could not capture the moon. so, for the purposes of this posting, you'll have to be satisfied with the image of its crayola counterpart.


Anonymous said...

i once saw an incredibly huge orange moon come up over the Sea of Galilee.

KP said...

I saw the moon that night! It was definitely Crayola Orange!!!!