16 September 2008

tuesdays with money

a while back i hit a landmark birthday - a big one. i'm ashamed to admit i was pretty depressed by it. so in an effort to curb this feeling, i've taken to seeking out the positive aspects that accompany this decline in years. and here's an ongoing one: tuesday is senior day at the drugstore. so i make my list and only shop there on tuesdays. i make sure the twenty-something behind the counter scans my key ring fob. and see the savings? since i started tallying it, i've gotten discounts amounting to around $14. maybe i'll save up for a unicycle.


Anonymous said...

50% off on the long distance bus and 30-50% off on the train helps to cushion the blow also. joanna

maryv said...

Unicycles are fun but I still think you should get the tattoo you were contemplating a decade ago! Perhaps you could a unicycle tattoo?