02 September 2008

the evolution of baby shoes

in the foreground, the dainty soft soled, leather tie shoe that belonged to the girl when she was tiny. behind it, the baby girl's first serious footwear. two toned and sturdy, with thick soles imprinted with words - run, smile, jump, dance! a rough and tumble shoe, fastened with the velcro that the baby girl loves to rip open and close over and over and over again.

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Anonymous said...

ah, yes, baby shoes . . . and baby curls . . . and baby blankies . . . and baby lambs . . . and baby ducks . . . and baby giggles

and then the baby girl is 12 and it's walks with gram . . . and talks with gram . . . and up-all-night sleepovers with gram . . .

being a grandmother is just as wonderful as being a mom -- it just tugs at different heart strings -- your heart will still sing and cry with countless emotions!