08 December 2008


can't decide whether these belong in the leave-well-enough-alone category with the poinsettia and the eggnog, or whether sugar-free candy canes sweetened with splenda may be a good christmas innovation.


Anonymous said...

i vote for the leave-well-enough-alone category. joanna

Anonymous said...

Am I getting in a rut? Some people are never satisfied!

KP said...

Okay...here's perhaps a twist in perspective on this one:
1. No, the canes ought not be in the "leave well enough alone" category. The eggnog, although I never did post about my habit of adding Kaluha, should just be eggnog. (I rationalize that my habit of alteration is at the time of consumption, not during processing.) I also second the motion that a lactose-free version is acceptable, if I really think it through. But, the pointsetta - no glitter or gilding or whatever that is - absolutely not acceptable! What possibly could be a good reason for that?

2. Although personally I can't fathom why even one who couldn't eat sugar would want to eat practically pure Splenda, I'm sure there are those that appreciate the growing selection of now "other sweetener" products for health options. I, as a "if I'm going to have sweetener it's going to be real sugar" kind of girl (exception being the occasional Fresca) do however appreciate the up front labeling on the canes that clearly announce the chemicalized state of them. I hate the current trend of trying to hide the faux sugar facts on products.

Sorry, too much?

chris said...

no, not too much - and i appreciate your perspective. I am, however, having a hard time getting beyond the point that you drink fresca. fresca?? i didn't think they even made fresca anymore!

KP said...

they do still make it...you can even be a fan or be in a group that loves it on FB! it is a relatively recently acquired taste passed on by my sister. I usually only have it if i'm there or she's here...really I should just stick to seltzer!