27 December 2008

the sampler

fifteen years ago, i painstakingly designed a personalized cross stitch sampler. after years of stitching other people's designs, this piece was to be my magnum opus. but soon after i began the needlework, i gave up in frustration when the task proved to be too much for these aging eyes. for years, the canvas sat, untouched. then at some point, the girl took it and, following my plan, finished it with eyes younger than mine. on christmas eve, she presented it back to me, wrapped in a box with a bow. and aging eyes wept with joy and gratitude.


Anonymous said...

that's beautiful! the sampler but mostly the "gift" from the girl. joanna

Anonymous said...

OH how beautiful. My eyes are tearing up. Wonderful, wonderful.

Anonymous said...

She is her Momma's girl alright. md'b