01 August 2008

pencils & pens

some people love to shop for shoes, others buy clothes, still others browse for jewelry or antiques. what excites me is office supplies. felt pens and mechanical pencils, file folders and colored markers, post-it notes in every size, shape, and color. in discount department stores, i meander down the stationery aisles whether i need anything or not. let me loose in staples or office depot and i can entertain myself for hours. the w. b. mason catalog is my wish book. today in the local drug store as i was perusing the back-to-school displays, there hanging on a hook was the new sharpie pen i had only read about - permanent, fine point, and guaranteed not to bleed through paper. and, as pitiful as i know this sounds, i swear, reader, as i stood there choosing my color i felt my heart leap in my chest, just a little.


Anonymous said...

i love stationary stores too! that sharpie pen sounds really cool. i hope they get them over here. joanna

maryv said...

My mother was a sucker for a hardware store - all the shiny screws, and brassy bits...I think there must be some magpie in my gene pool!