25 August 2008

first day

today i begin my twenty-sixth year as a teacher of small children.
twenty five years of service...


gretchen said...

Congratulations! 25 years of service to kids. We may feel very honored to have had innumerable moments and miracles other people cannot even imagine.

We have shared children's laughter... heard them read a word for the first time... watched them make thinking connections on their own... and listened to so many unique + individual stories.

The apple clock is a dull old lady gift -- NOT a representation of anything I know!

chris said...

thanks. i needed that!

joy said...

The book of Miracles says: " We are all teachers and we teach what we need to learn, so we teach it over and over again until we learn it."
You, dear heart, among many other skills teach the art of attention. That is a crucial life skill. All who come in contact with you are richer for it.

blessings on your school year.