13 August 2008

a dead moth

found on the sidewalk under a maple in a nearby city. it was beautiful and it was huge! (click on the picture to make it big - it's on toilet tissue, see?) i really wanted to keep it and bring it to school, but a local shopkeeper became so excited when i shared it that i let her have it. her young son collects insects and aspires to become an entomologist. so i took this photo, then sent the moth to him with my email address. i want him to identify it. and i want to know he's as impressed with it as i was.


sarah said...

i can tell you what it is if you want to hear it from me instead of from a ten year old, but it seems like it would be a lot more fun to let him figure it out. i will tell you this, though- it is the largest moth found in the US. and it's caterpillar looks like this:

chris said...

holy mackerel! now i wish i'd found the caterpillar instead of the moth! yes, tell me what it is. and if it's the biggest moth in the usa, then i'm really sorry i gave it away.

chris said...

oops! here's the link to sarah's caterpillar! it's more amazing than the moth!