06 December 2007

the right hand pocket

i carry lots of things in my pockets. dental floss, hand sanitizer and gum. the day's to-do list. one of those microfiber cloths for cleaning glasses with. and money. bills only since change takes up too much room. however today i mistakenly went off to work with this pocketful of coins. and in the spirit of the season i just jingled all the way all day long.


Anonymous said...

Your pocket contents are one of the things I find fascinating about you, my friend. Along with nickels, your Jeff King bootie, your hearty laugh, and more! (cb)

KP said...

Hmm...Jeff King bootie?

I too find you and this blog fascinating - thank you for sharing all your impressions. BTW - I love the new pic in the header - beautiful!

chris said...

jeff king - an iditarod musher. a friend from unalakleet sent me one of his sled dog's booties from the 07 iditarod. i passed it on to cb for her kids.

thats IS what you were thinking, right?