08 December 2007

christmas shopping

shopping for presents is not one of my favorite things to do. but despite the fact that there are only two more weeks til christmas and the stores and parking lots were mobbed, i thought i had a pretty nice time shopping today. got some of the gifts i went for and saw lots of people i know including a few i havent seen in much too long. i sang along with store christmas music and didnt even mind waiting in long lines. but then the trip ended on a low note when the clerk at the coffee place gave me a senior citizen discount on my decaf that im actually not even sure im entitled to. maybe i just looked tired from all that shopping.

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monicaspeaking said...

i remembered your blog and decided that i would visit today . . . i'm glad i did. your dunkin donuts experience is similar to mine . . . i really believe that most twenty somethings believe that all persons over 50 are two steps in the grave . . . as for me i plan on sticking around at least until i'm 108 . . . the first fifty years were trial and error . . . the next fifty will be a masterpiece!