27 October 2007

serendipity or coincidence?

of late things have happened so serendipitously that its eerie. earlier this week i was counting a large amount of money and counted $710 in bills and $7.10 in coins. wednesday morning there were two emails in my inbox that made reference to, of all things, thistle. and this most recent event: as i was placing a runner on the table trying to make a decision about thanksgiving napery i saw movement outside the window and looked up to see a lone turkey in the yard. in my disbelief i missed the shot of the turkey. so here's a picture of the runner instead.


Anonymous said...

the world is full of amazing things. i love the way your mind works, the way you find wonder everywhere you look. inspiring. (cb)

KP said...

I keep meaning to tell you...I pondered a post on thistle last week. I wasn't even sure that what I was looking at was thistle or why I would even know. But I started thinking about Scottish heritage and Winnie the Pooh!?!?!
I just checked to make sure I wasn't pulling things out of thin air...I wasn't.
And by the way...your runner to me looks to be in part the color of thistle...