26 October 2007

new wheels

a new car in the driveway tonight. the purchase finalizes months of shopping and pondering and procrastinating. it is not yet comfortable, not yet fun to drive but i am confident that this will come with time. it does smell good however! this picture taken at the onset of the maiden voyage home when a lucky ladybug landed on the windshield as i turned the key in the ingition.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I was wondering about the end of the story. Having a new car is nifty, and luckily I drove such ugly junkers when I was paying for school that now a car feels new to me until about year 8. Enjoy. (cb)

mary v said...

So, are you still Newfound Green or am I going to have to look at the plates this time, too? Congratulations on the new arrival~

chris said...

no longer green. now grey - like a silver fox! also like so many other cars on the road - so look for the license plate. or perhaps webkins on the dashboard!