16 October 2007


last summer i had a series of unfortunate vacuum cleaner events that began with buying a hoover wind tunnel online from amazon.com. on the day it was to be delivered i waited and waited and finally collected it from the ups guy who was broken down by the side of the road about five miles away. once unpacked i found the unit was faulty - no wind tunnel action. finally it took me about three hours to return the thing to its original packaging so i could ship it back to amazon and get my money back. so do i want to deal with vacuum cleaners any more? i think not. the happy ending is this yellow plastic eureka bagless tool. i bought it used at a yard sale. it works slick. and as testimony to the entire saga, i leave the price tag affixed to it and smile at my resourcefulness every time i use it.


Anonymous said...

Does that say $3?!?!?!

chris said...

it does indeed!! :>