16 July 2007

rocky shore

being at the ocean is paradise for a collector of rocks. time was when i would gather up all that looked appealing to me. but in years past my rock collecting strategy has changed. now i choose one rock only to bring back from the beach. the best rock. and take the entire vacation to find it. as i walk the waters edge i am constantly on the look out. when i spot an interesting rock i compare it to the previous find. then i pocket the better rock and return the lesser one to the sea. now see that round orange one on the right? right now that rock is the front runner. thats the rock to beat.

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Anonymous said...

makes me want to drive to maine this minute.

a friend of ours shared her rock collecting solution with my niece and me (since we always drove home with a car weighted down with our precious finds, but my sister didn't appreciate rocks strewn throughout the house). our friend chose one of the driplines of her house and made it her rock treasure area. all of the beach rocks get deposited there and are ever available as a beautiful outdoor collection.