17 July 2007


many years back i clerked at a store in our three season tourist area back home. to pass the time i used to study the visitors - their dress their mannerisms their speech - and try to imagine what they did in real life. the judge in birkenstocks, the teacher in a bikini top, the ceo in a motorcycle t-shirt taking his kids to breakfast. i was reminded of this game when i caught my reflection in the car on my way in from the store. uncombed hair pulled back, oversized shirt, no makeup. i looked positively wretched. never would i appear in public like this at home. but with vacation comes relaxed habits and blessed anonymity. looking at me now no one would ever guess im queen of a small island nation off the coast of portugal.


mrv said...

Undercover, your majesty? I'd know you anywhere...but it sure is nice to take off the usual disguises that real life dictates we wear, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Portugal? let me know the next time you're in residence and i'll row over for a spot of tea. J