26 July 2007

good morning

once i read about this atmospheric phenomenon called the green flash. ive looked for it at the beach every summer since i first heard of it. for scientific reasons i dont understand at the precise instant the sun breaks over the horizon theres supposed to be a momentary flash of green that streaks into the morning sky. it lasts a split second ive read. blink and youve missed it. avert your eyes and its gone. and try as i might i have never seen it. but this is the reason i sleep facing the east at the beach. i am ever hopeful that one morning ill wake to see the flash over the ocean.


Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous.


Anonymous said...

i've always looked for the green flash at sunset but i've never managed to see it. not even when i was on a ship. jg

chris said...

i was reading about the green flash online the other day. i didnt realize til then that it could be seen (ha!) at sunset too. the article also said its visible at higher elevations - that the horizon doesnt have to be straight. so you know what that means, right? ill be looking for it all year now. yikes.