28 February 2007

tribute to an unknown neighbor

the month turns and s&s leave one apartment to move to another. what ill miss most about their old place is their neighbors. the girl doesnt know them, ive never seen them - but i love their house. just a typical white clapboard dwelling but so interesting and personalized. theres a weather vane leaning against the fence. hanging from the porch are a myriad of wind chimes whose tintinabulation drifts beyond the small yard and out into the neighborhood. in summer morning glories climb the fence and spill over to the other side. here and there small metal objects are suspended on nails. and on a wall outside next to the door, there hangs a mirror. like the kind you put up over your dresser in your bedroom. only this ones outside where it can reflect weather and wildlife and folks who visit. every time i pass this place i wonder about the people who live there. in my mind, theyre arsty and creative, daring and courageous. left over hippie types who throw convention to the wind and let it go tinkling thorough their wind chimes day and night, all year long.

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