13 February 2007

snow day?

new england is bracing for its first big storm of the season. a nor'easter its called. comes barreling in off the coast with strong northeasterly winds. this one coming sounds like it may last a while. on nights like this theres a fervent hope among most new englanders that tomorrow there will be a snow day. a no work no school roll-over-and-go-back-to-sleep snow day. and we have ways of helping that to happen. some of us go outside at an appointed hour and do a wild snow dance to bring on the storm. friends have a small ball with a bear inside that they roll around. some children make up silly songs and chants about the weather. adults bring extra work home. and everyone stocks up on the staples - milk and eggs and bread and an extra video from the store. what ill do is just hope for the best. and tonight before i go to sleep ill whisper a little prayer - with my pajamas on inside out, just in case.

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