22 July 2016


in the midst of the summer gardening and room painting and kitchen redo (no, it's still not done), i am trying to clean out useless things. stuff i've held onto for most of my life that means very little or nothing to other people. things i don't want the girl to have to deal with when it comes time to clean this place out for the last time. here is a perfect example of what i mean. it's the end of a roll of vinyl wallpaper i bought in 1981. 
we were moving out of state, leaving family and friends, and starting new jobs. the girl was turning five, and beginning school in a few months. with all the details of the packing and moving, uppermost in my mind was making the transition as easy and fun as i could for her. we rented a house sight unseen because it was in a small rural neighborhood and had a big yard and four bedrooms. we chose for her the room with the most light and the most nooks and secret spots for playing. and i made it a priority to have it completely redone and beautiful before we moved in.

and this is the bedroom wallpaper that she and i chose, sitting one evening on the porch swing of the house we would soon be leaving, the only home she'd known. we both gasped when we turned this page, and knew we had found the perfect wall covering. in an effort to capture the experience, i saved this piece when we left the rental for our new home in our new state. and i've had it ever since, tucked in the back of the bottom drawer of her bedroom dresser. 

of course, my tastes have changed significantly since then, and i am now admittedly horrified to think that i imposed such graphic chaos on so young a psyche. but at that pivotal, transitional time of our lives, it was just what we both needed. 


Ruby Mermaid said...

I wish I had a piece of the flower wallpaper my parents chose for the kids' bathroom when they built their new home, circa 1968. They were foot tall modern daisies on a cream background, a pattern that now screams early 70s. I always loved that paper, even when it became dated.

I enjoy your blog very much. Thanks for reminding me of that wallpaper.

chris said...

you're welcome, Ruby Mermaid. that was pretty close to the time of this wallpaper purchase. i do still like this pattern - i think that's why i had such a hard time giving it up. thank you for your kind words about my neglected blog.

Marie Palcic said...

I thought of you today, Chris, and hoped that I could find your blog. I lost the link when my old laptop crashed and was thrilled to find you. Hope you are well!