29 June 2016

june ketchup

again, i am woefully negligent in my postings and offer a few errant accounts as proof that i was in awe of my surrounding this beautiful month.

first, these lady slippers, discovered on the usual walking route of the leading edge of the property's boundary line. i have seen many such plants deep in our woods, and for years have hoped that they would propagate down the hill. and i swear these were never here before. but this year, thirteen plants, all in one quite visible spot. i wish i had been more aware earlier in their blooming, and have made several notes to self to look for them next spring. 

next, this flash of brilliant blue in my peripheral vision one morning while making coffee. i abandoned the coffee to watch it, and debated leaving the window to get my camera. more and more, i am having those moments when i must choose between watching in quiet awe or grappling with the camera to document. in the end, i went for the camera, shooting rapid boosts of not-very-great photos before he flew. i have never seen a bird this blue, and wonder if it might be an indigo bunting. i expect i won't see one again for a long while.

and finally, these irises, blooming profusely on their own, and covering the unkempt hill up to the woods. they do not last long but they are beautiful while they're there. i'm always happy to see them and silently thank whoever came before me and had the presence of mind to plant them. 


Cindi Summerlin said...

beautiful ... all so beautiful. i saw lady slippers myself this year for the first time ever. i'm told that they are not uncommon here in the woods, but they are such a rare sight that they are a "threatened" plant and picking them is prohibited. they die soon after picking, so like you, i took pictures to preserve them.
your blue flash does look like an indigo bunting. what an exciting and pleasant surprise!
your irises are beautiful. here i saw a lot of daffodils in unexpected places. alone in the woods as if God himself was the gardener.

Graciegreen said...

Ketchuping myself! I love the Iris's for that is my grandaughters name. I hope you are having a lovely summer.