17 January 2015

january: hygge

of all the months of the year, january is my least favorite. it's cold. it's dark. and it's long. this january hasn't been as bad as others since snowstorms have been few and insignificant. but still i can't wait for this month to be over.

in truth, january never had a chance. i was dreading this month before it even started. so i've built in some activities and oddities to get me through these long weeks. i saved a certain book to read. i have a short, specific list of small projects to accomplish around the house. i have lunch and coffee dates with friends sprinkled throughout the month. for fun, i'm writing all my lists on round paper in a spiral fashion. i'm practicing daily something silly that i've wanted to try for a while now. i'm planning a summer garden. and i'm sitting myself down to a movie every week.

i read this month about hygge, an interesting danish cultural concept. it involves objects, traditions, and activities to brighten the dark winter months and promote well-being. in some odd way, i must have begun to intuit this mindset a few years ago, and now leave the clear christmas lights in the windows and on the mantle until at least march, light candles and oil lamps when darkness falls, and try to get together with friends and family regularly. maybe the lists, books, and projects just add to it a little. anyway, for mid-january, i think i'm doing all right - but i'll still be really glad when it's finally february.


Things Are Looking U.P. said...

This is my first winter in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and since we have had deep snow since Veteran's Day in November, I'm so "over it." I like the concept of hygge and think that I will have to start incorporating it into our new life up here. With January almost behind us, and the snow expected to stay until March (or even April and May), I think February will be a good time to start.

Kathleen Botsford said...

I love January! It never seems long enough to me. I get through the holidays dreaming of hunkering down like a bear, candles and tea, maybe some wine. It is always over and spring before I get my fill of dark. :(