12 March 2014

at the window

on the left, an old tool for grading maple syrup. the finished syrup was poured into bottles like these then held up to the light. the amount of light that passed through the syrup determined the grade.

on the right, a canning jar with lint from the drier tucked inside. i always start a jar like this at the beginning of march. when the weather warms and the birds come back, the little girl scatters the contents at the edge of the field, hoping someone will use it for nesting material.

outside the window, spring hasn't even thought about returning yet.


Linda said...

I never thought of offering the lint to the birds - but now that I know I WILL!!

chris said...

Linda, once a friend showed me a nest that was lined in the tail or mane hair from her horse! since then, i've wondered about human hair- like hair from a hairbrush. normally, i toss it in the trash - but I wondered if birds might use it too...or if the "human" element might be detrimental to a wild creature. (I bet Tabor knows...!)