24 February 2014

sick of winter, tired of cold

these february days are when i am most whiney and most unhappy with myself. the days when i try the hardest to not complain about things (like weather) over which i have no control.
the increasing hours of daylight are encouraging. 
turning my face to the sun, it feels warm. 
roads are finally clear enough to walk. 
the temperature climbs to 34° and i open windows.
i am thinking about gardens and dreaming of seeds. 


My Maine Blog said...

Me too Chris, me too. Seen enough white stuff this winter to last a lifetime I swear. It won't be long and we'll have nice, warm summer days and living in the North country we all appreciate it so much when it finally rolls around. Hugs, Kathy

chris said...

Kathy - hearing from you has so brightened my day. i was pretty worried when you weren't posting. it's so good to have you back! ps: i am trying hard to think spring!

Linda said...

I love your every post! It is springlike in Texas! I can't imagine your winters......but then you can't imagine our summers!!!

Tabor said...

Soon we will complain about how hot the weather is. I am thinking we will complain more about hot weather than cold. Oddly enough this has been the warmest winter on record for the earth!

chris said...

Tabor, you are right - like last summer, i will no doubt be miserable in the heat. although i always look forward to spring, normally winter's cold and dark don't get to me that much. but this year has been the exception.

Mimsie said...

I like winter far better than summer. Part of it is the lazy me who knows a lot of yard work awaits!