29 September 2013


i anticipated we'd be out walking in the woods this glorious fall weekend, so i took an acorn from the fidget bowl, drew a tiny face on it, and placed it along the path on an isolated bed of moss where i was sure the little girl would find it. and find it she did. she let out a gasp of disbelief, a whoop of joy, and gave me a big hug after i finally admitted that, yes, i had put it there. then she ran back to the house laughing and whooping some more and yelling, "this is hysterical!"

what a great reaction. i must do this for her more often!


Tabor said...

What a great reward!!

Willow said...

Random acts of bringing laughter and glee ~ love it !!!
It made me smile too :)

The Country Nest said...

Thanks for becoming a follower because that is how I found you. Love your style and appreciation of nature. I will be by regularly,

Anonymous said...

What a great grammy you are!

Graciegreen said...

Love it! I am going to have to try that adorable trick.