20 September 2013

here and now

i am still here. the rhythm i thought i had seems erratic these last few days. i am busy, certainly, but am not feeling terribly productive and i can't quite figure out why. a wise friend says i am just not used to leisure and perhaps she is right. i am looking forward to a few day trips this week. maybe that will help.

i sure don't want this space to turn into a whine-fest, a pity party, but this change in lifestyle dominates my existence right now, so i am struggling with upbeat, interesting ideas for posts. it's pretty silly, i know - all the time i've been writing to this blog, how many times did i actually blog about work? not many!

so bear with me. please.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how I came upon your blog but I'm finding myself fascinated by your journey. I have young kids and hope they find teachers like you to inspire them and to always find the beauty in everything. When were young we want to be old. When were old we want to be young. Living in the moment and sharing that joy with others is the most precious gift you can give. Thanks for reminding me what is important in life.

susan t. landry said...

it was your center, chris. it will take time for you to figure out what the new center is.

meanwhile, we need to have a date for our pre-holiday rendezvous! i think after halloween...what do you think?

Aurelia said...

I will definitely bear with you :) It's a big life change and that can take time to adjust and find new things to fill your time.

And sometimes a good moan is needed :)

Graciegreen said...

I am a few years out from retirement and am enjoying it more every day. You will grow to love the leisure. More time to read if nothing else. Your blog is one of my pleasures. Thanks!

chris said...

thanks to the four of you for your comments. in each one, there is some idea that resonates with me. and it helps. :-)