12 October 2011

october 12 of 12: autumn in new england

admitting up front that i have taken great liberties with this month's 12 of 12 photos. i have long known that this month would feature autumn in all its splendor. it was the natural (no pun intended!) choice. but the forecast for midweek was for more rain and i was concerned the 12th would be soggy, wet, and dull. so i went out earlier this week, on a perfect indian summer afternoon when it was too glorious to be inside, and i took these twelve photos to depict this month. forgive me this indiscretion. i promise i'll follow the rules in november.

a field of cornstalks yet to be cut down. 

i see this large maple most days, surrounded by evergreens, which makes the color even more brilliant.

maple leaves in the afternoon sun.

a maple standing solitary in a bog, shot with a telephoto lens. 

lots of folks decorate with pumpkins from their gardens. i love these gracing an old stone wall. 

golden-yellow oak leaves.

a marshy area nearby. this is one of my favorite shots. i like how muted the yellows, golds, and browns are and how the red and even the green contrasts. 

looking up the river, wishing i could see farther around the bend.

horses basking in the autumn sunshine. man and beast enjoy this last hurrah of summer, knowing that very soon the air will change.  

a meadow nearby. i often see deer up the slope, but i think it's too early today.

looking to the north

not a great shot - i was trying to capture the leaves in the breeze as they cascaded to the ground. 
this is fall!


Heavens2Betsy said...

Beautiful, beautiful photographs. What fantastic scenery you inhabit. penny

Jenny Schouten Short said...

What beautiful photos of autumn. I am glad you didn't take chances on the rain. xo Jenny

susan t. landry said...

the stone wall is my fave. beautiful,chris. thank you! soggy grey rainy day here...

Nora said...

You certainly live in a beautiful area. Consider yourself lucky. Thanks for sharing the views with us. It was a pleasure to see them.

~she~ said...

Beautiful! It's not quite that colorful here yet.

Anonymous said...

I'd call it artistic licence and it's perfectly acceptable, especially when the results are so lovely!

Kelly Jeanette Swift said...

Beautiful! Love the stone fence. Leaves are just starting to change here in TN.