27 June 2011

summer's day

still i am finishing up work. but today was too beautiful a day to do anything but be outside in the sunshine with the little girl. some of the day's discoveries: an earthworm on the biggest rock in the path, a lone butterfly wing, and some rogue lettuce sprouting in the grass far, far from the garden. 

 and the perfect afternoon for  a swing in the shade.


Star said...

I look forward to seeing the nature around you, and your posts express balance and peace so helpful to begin the day. Another lovely post, thank you.

Lynne said...

I also spent a couple of hours outside today with my GS#1. It's winter here but it was a glorious day - about 20*C (68*F) until the cloud came in this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

We've had a couple of gorgeous days here and I've taken advantage of it by spending as much time as I could in the garden. Not always working, but eating and reading. Retirement's not a bad life really!

Nora said...

The photo of the little girl on the swing is lovely.

Matt Conlon said...

All wonderful, as always. :)

I'm sorry I don't comment much. I always love your photos, but what more can be said of a thing that says a thousand words already?

chris said...

after so much rain, these last few days have been wonderful. finally, it feels like summer. it sounds like we're all having the weather we've been waiting for!

nora, i took a lot of pictures of the little girl on the swing. tricky to do, but a few came out really well. i love the shine on her hair in this one.

matt conlon, your words mean so much to me. i am thrilled you still read serendipitous. thank you for the comment.