30 June 2011

the new guy in town

and the little girl thinks he's wonderful! he has only been in existence since mid-morning, only stood in the garden since noontime. but i swear he's startled me at least three times as i've glanced out a window or come around a corner. in time i imagine i'll get used to him standing there, keeping watch over the carrots and the tomatoes and the beans. 


Lynne said...

He doesn't look dangerous but I can see why you'd be startled!

Star said...

Happens to me, too, with a mannequin they put into a temporary exhibit in the museum where I work...can't wait for that to come down. Scares me each time I pass it because it's visible first out of the corner of one's eye.

~she~ said...

I had a shirt hanging on a kitchen cupboard that was ironed, ready to take it to my husband. The jeans were folded over the back of a chair right underneath. But when you walked in from the next room, it totally looked like he was standing there. Nearly scared me to death once!