24 March 2011

at last.

so it begins. 
in soft tiny buds. 
a new season of growth. 


Ashley Stone said...

yay for spring!

Mon-Mon said...

pretty picture :) a tree near my house already has flowers blooming on it and I just love looking at it!

Lynne said...

A lovely photo.

We are into autumn now - the weather has cooled somewhat (at least overnight) and the deciduous trees are just beginning to turn. The Japanese anemones are in bud with a few flowers. The bergenias are flowering early (they usually flower in winter). The nerines put on a good show about a week ago but it's over now.

susan t. landry said...

it's as though the land itself exhales slowly, expands...after all those cold months of tensed muscles, layers of swaddling. beautiful, chris!

Nora said...

Isn't it wonderful? All around me things are getting green. I love it.

Star said...

Very beautiful photo, very beautiful little poem, thank you.

Kate said...

I saw a few buds this week and thought the same thing. At last!

...then we got a snowstorm.

I linked this over at Kate's Library in my "Friday Five". Have a great weekend!

Monica said...

I have pussy willows on my dining table right now ... I so look forward to their arrival each year ... two robins in the yard earlier this week ... and birds singing when I went out to lunch today. My heart and soul are smiling!