13 December 2009

the nose knows

this is paperwhite narcissus, bulbs which i force into bloom every year for the holidays. having flowers in winter is wonderful but it's the sweet smell filling up the house that i really like. but i'm in the minority, i'm afraid. long has the girl told me, to her the things smell just like feet. and this year as i show the delicate blossoms to the little girl, she announces that they smell like poop.


gretchen said...

What a kid -- says it like she sees/smells it -- brilliant!

chris said...

she certainly does. i was crushed, i tell you. and it's really making me question my sense of smell!

JJ Cedar Glader said...

when the nostril receptors get full,
they detect more ammonia in fragrances than usual, causing
a poo/pee smell and children sense smell differently, i have noticed some unpleasant hints in many pleasant smelling flowers after "over smelling" them or recently smelling something else.
i have actually gotten a headache from over smelling paper whites, their sweet musky fragrance/
some people dislike the smell all together

chris said...

i like the smell so much, i'm going to plant them again so i'll have paperwhites for valentine's day! thanks for the information, JJ Cedar Glader!

Anonymous said...

I'm a floral designer, I absoloutely love flowers. However, I do believe that paper whites smell like a strong urine. I have to agree with the girl. It is the only flower that I do not enjoy the smell of.

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