25 December 2009

christmas magic

out early with the camera this silvery christmas morning. the mountains and hilltops were magical with frost so i went to them. see more here.
wishing you all a wonderful christmas day.
god bless us every one.


Stephanie Fey said...

Lovely picture. Looks a calm, if chilly, Christmas morning!

susan t. landry said...

this is a fairyland, chris--just beautiful.
i hope your christmas was magical.

Joanna said...

that's a perfect photo!

chris said...

thanks all. this amazing and peaceful experience on this particular christmas day is one that i'll always remember.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such lovely photos and sentiments. You are my traditionalist....I am so lax.

Merry Christmas!


rcristyle Artists said...

This sight made something go peacefully still around me. It is a peaceful Serendipity. Lovely Image.

chris said...

rcristyle Artists:
that's exactly the feeing i had as i was taking the pictures. thanks for noticing.