25 August 2009


this is my computer, sitting on the tiny pine desk next to the tiny bobbin lamp by the window over looking the garden and the woods beyond. this is where i do most of my reading, writing, learning, collaborating, experimenting, dreaming, and general messing about with new tech ideas and web tools. it's where i have spent most mornings this summer, including today, with cups of coffee or tea and sometimes music from itunes or pandora or birdsong outside. this is also where, late this morning, i watched my computer screen grow faint vertical lines that slowly swelled to thick dark ones, as my word document behind them faded more and more until it was eventually just - poof! gone. friends in the know tell me this is serious. sigh. how serendipitous is it that my computer would pick today to die, the last day of summer vacation, the last time i had to enjoy the type of morning i have just loved?

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