27 November 2008

the other turkey

along with the fall decorating and the cranberry-orange relish, a new thanksgiving tradition has begun - a yearly hand turkey from the baby girl. i'll save them from one thanksgiving to the next and may eventually add them to the fall decorating cache. i hope it will be a fun tradition for her on a day when there are not many kid-centered activities - and it will be a chance to compare artistic technique from year to year. that said, behold the first offering, traced by grammie and colored by the baby girl. please note that most of the strong coloring is within the traced shape and that the young artist has carefully chosen classic turkey feather colors from her box of 16 crayons! hand turkey #1 @ 17 months. happy thanksgiving!! (don't forget to take the poll in the sidebar ------>)


maryv said...

My baby girl made hand turkeys with her 21 year-old housemates this week. Seems that some things are just meant to be part of the season, no matter how old you get. I dare say your baby girl had milk in the bottle she was drinking from...can't say the same for mine!

chris said...

i don't think any of us ever get too old for hand turkeys. i admit i made one myself in kindergarten this year. hmm....maybe that should be the poll - did you make a hand turkey this year?????