29 November 2008


o good grief. is nothing sacred? sugar cookie eggnog? pumpkin? if only because it's a seasonal libation, let egg nog be pure and unadulterated and traditional - with the only flavoring the time-honored hint of nutmeg. okay, and maybe a little brandy.


maryv said...

Must agree - nog is nog, and it needn't be flavorized. Here in the land of the lactard, however, we have discovered the joys of the suitably lactose-free variation. When we first moved to town, Lucy Baker had an annual eggnog event, and made it from scratch - raw egg and all.

Anonymous said...

good grief! can't they leave anything alone. why does everything have to be "new" and "improved". it isn't! it was just fine before they messed with it, thank you very much. joanna

Anonymous said...

Some people are never satisfied!