27 April 2008

inside joke

this week i also spent time in my old home town, a place filled with ancient haunts as well as a plethora of new business enterprises. this vane sits atop one such place, a fast food restaurant, on the outskirts of a sprawling new shopping center containing supermarkets, a video store, a discount department store, a major chain drug store, and many more new storefronts. all businesses that did not exist during my formative years of corner drug stores and teenage hangouts. and many of the businesses in this new place sport this same pig weathervane, even though there is nary a reference to pigs in the name of the plaza. but us old townies, we get the joke. this shopping center is built on land that, back in the day, was the biggest pig farm in town. and every time i pass the place, i suppress a snort of laughter and just smile at the irony. 

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Anonymous said...

Took a LONG snooze cruise with Baby Boy last week and found myself on 109. I snorted too! ~md'b