21 April 2008

clown shoes

a week ago, i joined the ranks of those who wear these silly shoes. i chose a neutral color, so as not to look too clownish, and i bought them specifically to wear while gardening. but since i first slipped my feet into them, just to get used to the feeling, mind you, i admit i have had a hard time not wearing them. the things are virtually weightless. walking in them is like walking on marshmallow fluff. and they have big wide toes so nothing is squished. i confess i have worn them twice in public, and further admit that one of those times was to school, where a student admired them, she said, becuase they're the same color as my hair. perhaps i should go back for the lime green pair.


Mary V said...

It took you long enough...even better than our favorite sandals! Once you go Croc, it's hard to go 'Stock! Love that digital spread!

Anonymous said...

my friend gave me her old pair when she bought some new ones and i have hardly taken them off my feet since. who cares if i look like i forgot to change my bedroom slippers. now i can walk for hours! on air! jg

Anonymous said...

It spreads! I hesitated too and now the whole family has them. Another benefit of the croc...the little ones LOVE putting them on "all by myself". ~md'b