18 January 2008

rosemary in january

this is rosemary, my favorite herb. love the subtle flavor it gives to food and the piney smell it leaves on my hands. every may i plant rosemary in a big pot and snip it all summer. every year i don't compost it at the end of the growing season. and every year i bring it into the house as late in fall as possible. only to have it dry up and die - every year. but this fall i tried the plant in a new location: the unheated bathroom with the west facing window. its certainly hasn't thrived there, but it also hasn't died. and now just look - new growth! whether it will be new leaves or the rare and coveted tiny blue flowers remains to be seen. i can only hope against hope for the latter.

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Anonymous said...

Rosemary (romero in spanish) is very important in Andalucia. Pilgrims to the Virgin of the Dew (El Rocio), which is located in Huelva province not far from here, are called Romeros. Las Gitanas (gypsy women) try to get tourists to give them some euro for a sprig of romero and the spanish have a saying (roughly) that if you pass a rosemary bush without picking a sprig and you run into some hard times down the road, you cannot complain about what's happened to you. jg