10 January 2008


when you find great gloves always buy two pair. then when a single glove goes missing, you will be happy to have a matching substitute. even though it does mean that you now have only one and a half pairs of gloves instead of two. because you know you're going to eventually lose another glove anyway. and then you'll still have a pair of great gloves left to wear.


mrv said...

What if you lose both the "rights", or both "lefts" - is that, then, still a pair, or two singles? Mittens, on the other hand, are usable on the other hand...hmm.

chris said...

i have been known to wear the singles - even if it does mean flipping a left over so it fits on a right hand with the back on the palm and the palm on the back - and vice versa. besides i usually keep my hands in my pockets.