23 March 2007

whats in a name?

how will i want this soon-to-be-born little one to address me? "chris" would be fine with me but i doubt the parents would allow it. so what else....
grandmother. thats so fussy. it makes me think of a matron with grey hair piled atop her head and glasses on a chain. oh wait. that could be me...
grandma. the ma syllable would grate on me every time i heard it. i think its the open vowel sound at the end that i dont like. sounds like sheep.
granny. too beverly hillbillies.
nana. just sounds old. besides nana was the dog in the darlings nursery in peter pan, remember?
gram. a unit of weight. best not to set up any mathematical confusion for the poor child.
mimi or meme or mamy or some other m name. knowing that this sound is acquired pretty early in a babys linguistic development makes these names appealing. but mimi is what my own mother is called. as for meme - im not even french.
grammy. like the best song award. or is it grammie? either way i think this may be it. not because i love the name or anything. but because i remember my own grammie who was always happy to see me who bought me presents when we went to boston who used to brush my hair til it was shiny and there were no more joe moes in it. she was the kind of grandmother who elicited smiles and made good memories. thats the kind of grammie i want to be.

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