15 March 2007

a tough decision to make

somewhere i read that when a house was built in early new england two trees were planted in front to signify the start of a family. once there were two maples here. but a quarter century ago someone took down one that was dead. for years now its twin has been dying too. but still it stands looming tall over the house over the yard and over the hills out back. in summer it leafs out in spots and shades the house for a few morning hours. robins nest in the long branches over the roof. and birds sing from the leafless spire at the top. in winter a family of squirrels lives in the hollow trunk. in spring the lawn is littered with dead branches fallen down with the wind and the snow. when storms rage and wind whips around i fear falling branches will smash through the roof or a window. during thunderstorms i sit in far corners not wanting to be in the center of the house lest the tree get struck by lightning and come crashing down on it and on me. ive had nightmares about this tree. for as long as ive lived here ive both adored and feared it. now a decision needs to be made about taking the tree down. soon. and i cant decide.

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mary said...

When our old chestnut had to go, it was an emotional time for me as well. It still doesn't look like our house without it. But then, when the tree was planted, it wasn't our house...We planted two new ones this fall - maybe the next family to grow here will call them theirs.