28 December 2015

autumn, odds & ends

it borders on embarrassing to be doing this - posting photos and writings from up to four months ago. but i've been feeling guilty about not writing, have been missing blogging, and thinking lots about how to get back into the swing of things. i've decided there is no gracious way to do it other than beg your forgiveness, thank you for your concern, and just jump right back in. so i'm playing "ketchup" again, and fashioning several posts of remembrances that i should have been here long ago... 

thanksgiving. it was lovely, meaningful, quiet. the not-so-little-girl was in charge of decor, so she painted dried oak leaves and personalized them with guests' names. an unseasonably warm day, and we opened windows to let out the heat from the turkey roasting. 
pumpkin pie, made from a pumpkin i roasted myself. it was burned, but delicious. and i'll never use canned pumpkin again. 

fruits and vegetables, ready to roast in the oven for squash soup

the festive kitchen chalkboard, with a turkey suggesting that we eat more chicken. 
snowdrops, coming up in the garden in december. worse than this, the girl's snowdrops actually flowered. it makes me wonder what they'll do in april, when they're supposed to appear. 
and look. here's the carrots from the garden. they were short and stumpy, but quite tasty. next year, i'm planting twice as many. 

finally, bernie sanders. i have seen him twice this fall. generally, i am pretty quiet with regard to politics, trying to be respectful of others' opinions. but this year, i just can't do it. 


Linda said...

You have been missed! I enjoyed catching up with you!

chris said...

thank you, Linda! I hope the storms there haven't affected you or your family! Happy New Year!

Cindi Summerlin said...

i'm so glad you are back. you've been sorely missed!

Graciegreen said...

I really enjoyed your ketchup! I am trying to finish all the things I was lazy about in 2015 myself. Where does the time go? I still have to finish 2 books by midnight for a reading challenge. Happy New Year!

chris said...

thank you so much, Cindi! and happy new year to you too, Graciegreen!