11 April 2015

feeling hopeful

as i write this, bright blue sky is turning a steely gray, a winter sky again. but these photos i took not fifteen minutes ago show the skies i awoke to, the hopeful skies, the brilliant ones, blue with white clouds sailing effortlessly. i do hope today is spring.


My Maine Blog said...

Good Morning Chris .... and I am feeling the same way. Beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies when I woke up and now dark grey clouds, lots of wind and still lots of snow still left on the ground. It's exasperating waiting for spring up here this year and can't wait to get outside and clean up all that winter has left behind. Any day now would be okay with me. Have a great weekend.

Tabor said...

Our trees took about 3 hours to burst into green a few days ago. Hope you keep your eyes open or you will miss it.