21 February 2015

toooooo long

this winter is endless. i am sick of ice and boots. i am tired of all this white. i hate this cold. i yearn for melting, puddles, and temperatures in the forties. tiny bits of green coming up through the snow and popping out on branches. warm sun on my face.

remember my strategies for keeping my spirits up through the long month of january? next year i'm going to extend them for four additional weeks.


Things Are Looking U.P. said...

ditto. i want to be in Florida right now. -25 when i got up this morning and the heater in the house died. came home to a 40 degree refrigerator.

chris said...

Things Are Looking U.P., it's snowing again right now - but, after reading your reply, I am not complaining! we have had negative temperatures but none that low - and the heat sources inside are working, so I'm usually warm enough. can't imagine 40° inside. brrrrrr!