24 February 2014

sick of winter, tired of cold

these february days are when i am most whiney and most unhappy with myself. the days when i try the hardest to not complain about things (like weather) over which i have no control.
the increasing hours of daylight are encouraging. 
turning my face to the sun, it feels warm. 
roads are finally clear enough to walk. 
the temperature climbs to 34° and i open windows.
i am thinking about gardens and dreaming of seeds. 

14 February 2014

♡ day

valentine's day today is overshadowed by a raging nor'easter, with snow and sleet and wind. schools and businesses are closed. roads are horrible and my car is stuck diagonally across the driveway, waiting for someone to come and pull me out. historically, by mid february, i am very sick of winter and i'm afraid this year is no exception. bring spring!

valentine cardinals. my favorite. 
but the little girl and i have an impromptu valentine's celebration since she's disappointed to be missing her school party with her friends. we munch red and pink m&ms as we make valentine cards, sit in heart-stockinged feet as we read stories on the couch (me to her and her to me!), and exchange homemade valentine cards. we take a heart walk from room to room, spotting all the heart cookie cutters, framed heart prints, and small heart decorations. finally, she notices that we've left a snowy bit on the kitchen floor that has melted into a heart-shaped puddle. i mean, really - what are the chances? happy heart day to you!